Wigs – Your Power to Decide For Yourself

Wigs are a blessing for women that love some change is their daily life, and want to do no damage to their precious locks with extensive dyeing. Wigs are a covering for your head, and can be made of different materials, like real, or synthetic hair. Wigs have been a part of our society since 16th century.  Women use them for all purposes, from hiding a little baldness in order to escape the shame, to look elegant and fierce.

A wig becomes a part of your body for as long as you want, and needs to be taken good care of like washing, and cleaning. But, the best quality about this part of your body is that is requires you to select it, and with you having the power of the design and beauty of it. You can select following things by your own in your wig:

  • Quality
  • Texture
  • Length
  • Color
  • Strength
  • Grip

And many more other fun things that you do not have the power on with your natural hair.

Now a days all the divas and queens use wigs on a regular basis. They go from different color shades such as red, blue, pink, to various lengths like, medium, long. Wigs can be differentiated with texture too, as curly as a fry, as straight as your posture when you pose for a picture, or as wavy as the cool wind on a beach, there are all kinds of wigs present at the best Aliexpress hair vendors.

Wigs are very useful on festivals too, they hold a meaning in Halloween and are used all over the world by people on this occasion. Wigs also hold a huge meaning in some religions, such as Jewish religion. Jewish religion requires women to cover their head, and to fulfil such sentiments some women use wigs.

Why Botox is Still Popular Till Date

Botox has been around since a long time and it looks like it will stay for quite some time period because its popularity still has not decreased till date which means that it is successful. You might be thinking that Botox procedure is not that great because so many celebrities look horrible with it, the problem with that is that they did not have good or skilled physicians. If the physician does not possess the skills or vision, the end result of a Botox procedure would be unnatural and plain awful. If you feel the need to get Botox procedure done on yourself but are scared that the results might not look natural, choose the best physician in town and you won’t have anything to worry about.

There are some people who wonder why botox is the little black dress of aesthetic medicine as they do not see the attraction of it. The concept behind Botox is that it makes the face look a bit younger but not in a way that it looks unnatural.

There are so many cosmetic treatments that require long term commitment and treatment but with Botox, you can get the procedure done in no time and you would get the desired result. It is completely non-surgical which means that you are not put under the knife. Injections are used in the right places and the lines on your face are softened so that you look younger. Harsh lines on the face makes a person look old and stressed but with a Botox treatment, new lines are prevented and old lines are softened and in the end, the face holds only traces of worry lines. With a Botox treatment done right, you can look a lot younger than your age.

Looking For a Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Service?

Whether it is a split or central air conditioning unit, the dependence upon these home appliances becomes inevitable as soon as the scorching summer days arrive every year. It is hard to imagine a day without cooling unit in the house after spending exhausting and tiresome day outside in the summer heat. Many beginners who have no prior knowledge about various types of AC units end up buying machines that incur high electricity bills every month. As you would keep them running for most of the day during warm weather season, you need to keep it well-maintained so that it becomes more energy-efficient. Even the life of your cooling unit can be decreased if you don’t get it repaired and tuned on timely basis according to the recommendations by the experts.

Depending upon the living spaces in which you require cool air, you would need to install units that fit perfectly well according to the size and requirements. Installing a bedroom AC in a living room might not be a good idea, as that would put more load on the machine making it susceptible to untimely break downs and malfunctions. It also depends whether you want it installed for a residential or commercial property. As in the corporate world, there is a high preference for heavy-duty units that helps them maintain their desired standards of the organizations. Make sure to visit the website of air con Sunshine Coast now, if you want to find the best cooling solutions for your house or office. Even if you want a cooling system for your corporate building, they can guide to make the perfect choice that would help you maintain your good reputation in front of clients and provide employees with a comfortable working environment.

Hiring a Wedding Videographer

When you think about the best day of your lives then there are a few that come to mind. One has to be your graduation and the other is your wedding day. Now, it is up to the institution to make sure that you remember your graduation. However, your wedding is something that only you can make memorable. People spend a large amount of time, planning their wedding and putting those plans into action. It takes a lot of energy to plan a wedding and it is no surprise that even the happy couple can have arguments over different things that surround a wedding.

A wedding is a compilation of different thing. It involves picking out the venue and everything. Now, one thing after all this that makes the entire event complete is how you choose to document it. Now, in the old day people only depended on still photography. However, today things are different and people want to document the action too, along with the simple moment. Now, you can capture moment through simple photography but to capture the action. The best thing that can help you is wedding videography. This is one of the main reasons why wedding videographers are in demand these days.

Now, if you are about to have your wedding and are having trouble find the right videographer then you might need a little help. It is a popular profession these days and if you want the right one then we suggest that you go to a source like kaboutjie.com. Here you will find simple tricks that will help you find the best videographer that will get you the best wedding video. So, that you can look at you best day and smile.

Where Can You Use Natural Stone in Your House?

There was a time that people used a lot of flashy materials in designing their houses as they thought that it looked more eye catching but nowadays people prefer anything that is close to natural and shows off elegance.

It is the reason why natural stone is being used a lot in landscaping these days. The interesting thing is that natural stone never lost its place in landscaping but now it is certainly more prominent. If you wish to incorporate natural stone in your house then search for the best masonry Chattanooga TN but do you know where you can use it in your house?

Pools & Spa

Natural stone looks beautiful when it rings a swimming pool or is used to build a spa. If you do not know how exactly it will look, you can get some ideas by searching up pictures on the internet. The reason that natural stone is great for pools and spa is not only because it is aesthetically pleasing, it is because it can easily absorb water which means that no matter how much water you get out of the pool, the stone will eventually absorb it which will keep your area neat.

Stone Steps

If you want your garden to look like a place out of this world then you need to incorporate natural stones and especially use it for steps and stairs. When the stone stairs will be covered with growing plants and flowers of all kinds, it will look like something out of a fairy tale.


We know that wooden patios and decks are the traditional way to go but if you want your patio and deck to last a long time with no maintenance all the while looking aesthetic, go for natural stone.

Top Tips to Chartering a Yacht With Crew

For someone who hasn’t chartered ever, it can get quite difficult to actually imagine the real feeling of being inside a top-notch yacht in the middle of ocean. No matter how many travel websites you have seen regarding yacht charter packages, the real spacing and interior would be entirely different to you. Cruising through an uncommon paradise and sightseeing breathtaking locations is something that most of us dream about. Many of us are not able to actually embark on a yacht journey because of our lack of knowledge about this type of adventure travel or not having enough sailing experience. In order to plan a realistic trip onboard a popular yacht, make sure to refer to these tips.

The broker you hire should be able to assess your preferences and current ambitions regarding the travel, so that he or she can recommend a suitable crew for you. Booking your trip with a crew that is accustomed to making long-distance sailing sessions might not be a good idea, because you would not be able to enjoy it to fullest. After all, you would be spending a large amount of money for your vacations so that you can feel rejuvenated and refreshed before the end of the journey. If you can’t wait to enjoy sensational seafood on a yacht charter in Mallorca, then make sure to visit the webpage of Azzurra Charters now for booking information.

Before embarking on your journey in the Mediterranean Sea make sure to keep yourself updated about the weather forecasts so that you can pack the most appropriate clothing for your trip. This way you would remain healthy during your vacation and dress well on all the days. Make your holidays special now by renting this high quality yacht charter without any delay.

Get Your Property Inspected

There are a lot of people that are looking for potential properties to buy. Now, when it comes to a big investment such as a property or a building then obviously people are aware that it will not be cheap and they will have to invest some major money into the prospect. However, if you are investing so much money into something then obviously you want a good deal out of the project. That is why, so many people lean towards older properties because they are aware that these properties are cheaper than the newer properties and will probably land them a good deal.

Though, there isn’t any problem with buying an older property but there are some thing that one should be aware of when making such a purchase. The number one prospect is what sort of guarantee of safety does the building provide you with. Older building have a greater chance of decay amongst them so if they are not sturdy enough then it could be a problem in the wiring run. The entire building might end up coming down if it hits an earthquake. That is why, it is always important to make sure that the building is safe.

If you are looking for a property in Hawkes Bay then we suggest that you look for building inspections Hawkes Bay and book an appointment. Having your property inspected can help you out in the long run by detecting a problem if there is indeed one to begin with. So, if you are about to move to a new property then do not leave anything to chance and do whatever you can to make sure that you and your family is always safe and secure.

Orthopedic Beds For Your Dog’s Health

If you have ever happened to spend a night sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress or surface, you will either not be able to get any proper sleep, and even if you did, you will end up waking the next morning feeling more tired than rested, and probably coupled with bodily pains and soreness. So, an uncomfortable mattress can significantly impact both our health and our quality of sleep.

If you happen to have a four legged canine in your house, then you should probably give more thought in what they are sleeping on. Your dog, just like you, needs to have a proper, comfortable surface in order to be able to sleep properly and stay active. So, if you have not already, you should get a tempur pedic dog bed or orthopedic dog bed.

Now, a lot of people think orthopedic dog beds are just for senior dogs or dogs with musculoskeletal problems, however, that is not true. Every dog regardless of their age, breed or size can benefit immensely from sleeping on an orthopedic dog bed.

These beds are cushioned better and filled with a thick layer of good quality foam that allows your dog to cushion their entire body, and provides them proper support to be able to sleep in an even angle without any pressure on their extremities. So, if you are buying an orthopedic dog bed, you are actually helping to maintain and improve your dog’s joint and back health. Plus, when your dog is able to sleep better, they will be healthier and more active as well. So, regardless of what age your dog might be, getting them an orthopedic bed can be a great way to ensure that they stay healthy and that they are always well-rested too.

Are Steel Cards Really a Good Idea?

There are so many things that we own that we never needed in the first place but decided to buy anyway. That is the problem of gimmicks, they always make it sound like that this is the thing that will change your life and the next thing you know is that you’re paying for it. Now, are the metal business cards at metalkards.com, a gimmick? If you think that the sole purpose of a card is to convey your contact details and nothing else then we will not correct you for thinking that way.

However, if you are learned in the knowledge of how business dynamics impact a business and help it grow then you will know that the sort of marketing you do will have a positive impact on how the customers see you and your business. If you have seen American psycho then you will know that a good card can really make a big difference. So, if you are going to advocate your business to the customers then why not do it the proper way and think outside the box instead of producing the flimsy card that everyone else is producing too.

People often judge, when they get a card, if or not, they want to keep it. Therefore, when you produce a steel card then you are automatically breaking that barrier because nobody will throw away such a premium card. Another benefits. These cards are permanent, so you don’t have to worry about the lettering getting blurred or anything because it is here to stay forever. This will ensure that even if the client seems to have forgotten that he has your card and finds it later. The contact details and everything will be still intact.

Tips to Keep in Mind For The Purpose of Maintenance of Garage Door

If you happen to live in a house, then you are bound to have a garage as well. A lot of home owners are usually worried that the door in their garage will start to malfunction for whatever reason. But as we like to believe, it is always the preventive measures that help in protecting anything from deteriorating or going to waste. So if you are someone who is worried or has somewhat similar concerns related to garage doors then we would highly recommend that you get in touch with professionals that are responsible for garage door repair Aurora CO because they have a lot of expert tips and tricks that will really help in making sure that your garage door stays put together and does need repairs as often as you would like to think.

So if you want to go through these expert tips then we would recommend that you read this article till the end. With that being said, following are a few of the tips and tricks that experts at garage door repair Aurora CO told us about and that help in maintenance of garage doors, check them out below.

Be Observant

This might not sound like something very important but it is actually one of the most helpful tips you will ever read about. The reason that garage doors tend to malfunction or break down is because you do not really pay attention to it a lot and a few months down the line it becomes a huge problem that requires repairs or replacement. So if you hear any funny sound coming out of your garage door, make sure to nip it in the bud.

Incorporating Jewelry in Your Life

The exact origins of jewelry happen to be unknown, however, early civilizations, and ancient Egyptians and Roman have been seen and recorded to be wearing it. Jewelry was something that could only be worn by the elite, so it became a symbol of status and wealth, and really gemstone jewelry still happens to hold that symbol to this day because it is not something that can be afforded by many.

If you are someone that wants to buy gemstone jewelry for yourself, or a loved one, it is important that you are able to use it well, because really, there is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on a piece of jewelry that you will never be able to wear and effectively having it go to waste.

Now, if you happen to be someone who does not go to really formal events or gatherings, then there is no point in buying a big statement piece, because you will end up feeling awkward wearing something so expensive and extravagant at an event that does not call for it, making you put it in your storage only to never use it again and waste a ridiculous amount of money. What you can do instead is to opt for smaller pieces of jewelry like smaller necklaces and earrings and then start incorporating those into gatherings. This way your jewelry is able to shine, and at the same time, does not overwhelm the rest of your outfit or the event. Smaller jewelry pieces also happen to be better since they are not as expensive and can be worn to multiple gatherings. So, if you happen to be interested in checking out possible designs and options, you can check out Galaxy Gold for their variety of jewelry that comes available in different designs, sizes and gemstones.

Real Estate Business

Everyone wants to be a businessman and there is no surprise in that because business is a great field that teaches you a lot about life and how you can play smart with it. That being said, what exactly does playing smart mean? There is a clear difference between playing smart and working hard. Now, though it is a sad fact, working hard doesn’t always mean that you will get a benefit. You can easily find out about this if you get into the business of real estate. What would working hard in business mean? It would mean that you work for a long time and make properties and then sell them or rent them.

However, there is a better way to do this and that is by buying properties that you are sure will sell and making money out of that instead. If you are looking into getting into real estate then we suggest that you go for condos because they are very popular these days. A lot of people don’t want to take care of a house or be stuck in a tiny apartment that is why they opt for condos. So, if you buy one then you can sell it off for a profit or generate income through rent.

Now, a great place to do this sort of business is the San Diego area. So, if you are looking to purchase a property in San Diego then all you need to do is type down new condos San Diego. This will let you find all the newest properties near you that are available for purchase. So you can choose the one you like and then make potential business out of it and generate a healthy income.

Things You Need to Know About Hiring an Injury Lawyer

There are times when personal injury lawyers become a necessity, a lot more than we want them to. I am not saying that they are bad, some people just don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a lawyer at all, but instead they normally prefer handling the situation on their own, which is never a good idea as it can lead to more discrepancies, and issues.

If you are looking to hire a personal injury lawyer, you can check out CES injury lawyers for more information and I can assure you that your experience will be much better, so there is nothing to worry about. If you are hiring a personal injury lawyer, there are a few things that you need to know.

We are going to be looking at a few of them right now.

Their Specialization is Limited

One of the most common thing about personal injury lawyer is that their specialization is normally limited. This does not mean that they are inexperienced, it is just that the cases they handle are sometimes very sensitive, and require their utmost attention and care. So it is best if they limit their specialization to injury.

These Cases Take Time

Another thing that I would suggest you is that these cases do take time, so if you are wondering whether your case will be over soon or it won’t be, I have to be honest with you, that these cases do take time. That is one of the biggest reason why so many personal injury lawyers suggest settlement as it is best for both sides, and costs a lot less than going to trial does.

Still, if you want to go through with the case, then this is something that you should know about.

Why CBD Research Should Be Encouraged

CBD oils have a lot of benefits to them. The more science is able to research CBD oils and its medical uses and benefits the more we find out that CBD is actually very useful and that it can help people with many different types of chronic diseases either stop their chronic illness or help them ease the pain a bit. Unfortunately there is not always a lot of support for research being done on it as, even today, a lot of people associate the medical use of cannabis with its recreational use. Normally this should not be an issue, but a lot of public research for CBD for sale is done on sponsors and donor funding, which can easily stop if there is a big negative public opinion on the research topic being done.

The most common sort of use for it is to relieve the pain that is felt throughout the body. This can help you target random bruises and cuts, to larger injuries, and even things like muscular or ghost pains. This sort of a pain medicine will not get you addicted, it will not have any negative side effects like a lot of different pain killers do, and also it does not even get you high as the compound necessary for that factor is not even a part of the CBD oils. This means that there is even less reason to protest it being used in medical use.

There is a lot of benefit to be had from researching the use of medical CBD oils because of the huge amount of benefits they can bring to most peoples lives. And especially for those people who have chronic illnesses, this can be a miracle medicine that eases any pain that the ill person is feeling.

How to Buy The Right Wheelbarrow

If you are looking to buy a wheelbarrow, and you are doing it for the first time, then you might have some time to properly find the best possible option. I am not saying that buying wheelbarrows is difficult, I am just saying that sometimes, you end up with so many options that it is simply too confusing to even go for the right option.

With that out of the way, if you are looking for the best wheelbarrow, there will be many options available to choose from, and it’s best if you just look at some of the tips that we are going to list down because it will help you make the right purchase, and potentially prevent you from wasting money.

Do Consider The Size

Whenever you are buying a good wheelbarrow, a really important thing that you need to know is that the size of the wheelbarrow does matter. However, it all depends on the nature of your job. If you are working intensive jobs that require a good wheelbarrow, and a bigger one as well, go for that as it makes the overall experience much better.

Heavy Duty, or Light Duty

Another thing that you should consider whenever you are in the market looking for a good wheelbarrow, make sure that you see if you are going to buy something heavy duty, or light duty. Heavy-duty options are certainly more expensive, but you should still consider this fact.

Once you do find the answer, it will be great for you, and you will be able to buy the right wheelbarrow without any issue whatsoever.

The above mentioned tips should help you buy the right wheelbarrow for your needs, and it should not be an issue for you.

Looking For Professional Carpet Cleaners in London?

Looking after your carpet or rug is really important as it is an investment that can not only last for a long period of time but also add value to your house while it remains intact. Apart from improving the insulation of your residential property during those cold winter nights, carpets enhance the interior décor of your house and send out your style statement to anyone who visits your house. From different pile heights to a versatile range of materials, you would inevitably find a carpet that suits your personal taste and preferences. Once you get your floor carpeted, it is your responsibility to invest wisely on its care and maintenance so that you can improve the standards of hygiene in your home.

Nothing is more frustrating that spilling a mug of coffee on expensive wool carpet, as it might leave a permanent mark. The chemical bonding of the substances found in the liquid with the fabric of your carpet can make it difficult for you to get rid of those stains. Rather than taking matters into your own hands it is always better to get professional services so that you can minimize the chances of collateral damage. If you are looking for experienced London cleaners, then you get your desired services without having to make any compromised about the quality of work.  Your stain would start to get tough if you don’t remove it instantly from a piece of cloth or a tissue paper. Whatever is on the bottom of your shoes would also start to get deposited into your carpet, if you haven’t placed a doormat outside your front door. Whenever you notice a spill, make sure to blot it up rather than roughly rubbing it off which could potentially damage the delicate fibers of your carpet.

How to Effectively Replace Decayed Tooth Without Any Issue

There is no denying that tooth decay is perhaps one of the most annoying things people go through, and a lot of people end in dismay because they cannot find a way out of this issue. However, I have to tell you that there is nothing wrong with tooth decay as it is only natural. The good news is that you can actually get it sorted out without spending a lot of money.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, just have a look at dental implants. These are perhaps one of the best way to replace the dentures and the best part about these implants is that they don’t even look artificial, and the treatment is actually a lot more effective than you might think.

Keeping that in mind, let’s have a look at how you can effectively replace decayed tooth.

Dental Implants

Simply put, if you are looking for the best possible way to get the decayed tooth replaced, I would not suggest a method that is better than the dental implants, because I find that method to be the best one in nearly every way. So, if you do want the best possible result, go for that.

Do Visit a Doctor

I have seen many people who have made the mistake of handling things on their own, and not visiting a doctor. This is a big mistake, and honestly, can result in a lot of pain than you might even think in the first place. If you really want to avoid such a situation, I would advise that you visit a doctor for proper treatment, and things will be great from that point and no. Just don’t try things on your own.

The Advantages of Using a VPN For Netflix

If you are like me when it comes to Netflix, then it is safe to say that you stream a lot, and you prefer that you have the best Netflix experience rather than some watered down version of Netflix. Trust me, that is a lot more common, especially if you are outside US, then there is going to be a watered down version of Netflix, which is simply not good enough.

In a situation like this, it is best if you just use a good VPN for that purpose. You can head over to https://www.lemigliorivpn.com/guide-vpn-faq/video-guide/netflix-italia-e-catalogo-mondiale/ and check out the options that you have.

In this article, we shed light on some of the advantages of using a VPN for Netflix. So, let’s not waste time and have a look.

You Get Access to Everything on Netflix

One of the biggest benefit of using VPN for Netflix is that you get access to everything. I know it does not look like much, but the good news is that there is so much content on the international version of Netflix, that you can spend days, and even months exploring your favourite genres and not get tired.

All The Latest Releases

Another benefit of using VPN for Netflix is that you get all the latest releases ahead of every other region. I know it does not look like much, but this is great for people who love the Netflix originals because I certainly do.

I can assure you that your experience with Netflix is going to be great when you finally couple it with a good VPN. Just make sure that the VPN you are opting for is actually as good, and do not forget to read the reviews.

Vehicle Safety Inspections: What You Need to Know

Road side accidents are one of the leading factors that lead to deaths worldwide every year as it can be very dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. Even an experienced driver can run into an untimely incident that could potentially result in serious physical injury, and it could be due to various factors. The other driver on the road could make a minor mistake that might make it difficult to properly steer your vehicle in the right direction or your car might not be properly maintained which caused its mechanical failure. In order to make sure that your car is in good working condition you should get a vehicle safety check without any delay.

From faulty breaks to flickering headlights, any part of your car that is not up to the mark can increase your chances of facing an accident. Before you drive off to the workplace or leave your kids at the school in the morning, you should always go through some basic safety checks of your car so that you can ensure the safety of yourself and other drivers on the road. No matter how late you might be getting for an office meeting, you should never skip this safety check. Coastwide Mobile Roadworthys & Air Conditioning is known for its high quality inspection services at the workshop for affordable rates. Their mechanics have more than 15 years of experience working in this field, so that they can deliver you high standards of safety certificates.

You should also keep track of the fluid levels in your car that might affect the overall performance of the vehicle. From engine oil to other steering liquids, everything should be checked. Never delay these maintenance tasks for your car so that you can have a safe drive.

The Growing Threat of Surveillance Technology

Take a look at any science fiction horror movie and you will notice that most of them tie in unobstructed monitoring into the story in one way or another. The concept of Big Brother came from the same idea as well; governments and organizations with the ability to spy on you whenever they want, capable of unravelling all of your secrets and completely analysing your personal identity. It sounds scary and quite creepy as well, knowing that someone who you have never even met knows you better than most people in your social circle, and the most unnerving part is that you cannot do anything to stop them.

Our governments are steadily bringing this grim sounding sci-fi world into reality thanks to a constant development in technology that harvests our personal data and stores it in databases. Biometrics, DNA, and surveillance technology is becoming more and more advanced every year, allowing governments and organizations to integrate these technologies into our day to day lives and making use dependent on them.

Nowadays many people across the world are openly giving away vital chunks of their personal data away in return for better integration with technology that makes their lives more comfortable. When smartphones introduced fingerprint scanners, everyone eagerly started using this technology in order to make their devices more secure, the same thing happened when Apple came out with its highly accurate facial recognition technology, and this sort of technology is not limited to the smartphone industry.

Banks have begun using all kinds of biometrics systems, including voice recognition software, retina scanners, and more. Currently, there are companies working on technology that will take biometrics even further and make it possible to identify someone from their heartbeat or from the way they grip their devices.

The most concerning thing is that while this kind of technology is being developed at a rapid pace, the legal aspects of privacy protection and data collection is lagging behind, meaning that there are loopholes and grey areas that allow pretty much anyone to openly compromise privacy.

One could say that the legal system and government may not want to restrict this rampant data gathering since it will prove beneficial to them in the long run. The invisible net used to monitor us has been around for quite some time now, but we have only begun to realise its existence, back when landlines were popular, governments would shamelessly tap into phone lines, and they continue to do the same with smartphones now.

Our texts, emails, and even our location is known to them, almost every modern smartphone comes equipped with a plethora of sensors that gather enough data to paint a very accurate picture of where we live, how we move around, and more.

While technology has helped us solved countless problems, it has also brought a whole new variety of problems and challenges that we are not even sure of how to address at the moment, problems that critically compromise our privacy.

Strip Searches Are Going Digital, And You Cannot Refuse Them

Strip searches are a travellers worst nightmare, but you cannot really say no to them since they are in place to ensure passenger safety, and now recently, there have been reports that traveller in the US are beginning to face “digital strip searches” as well, where authorities demand access to people’s digital devices without having to state any reason. The said digital search resulted in a lawsuit being filed against TSA and so far, from what we can tell, the lawsuit has not been resolved.

While the future of digital searches remains in grey zone in the US, it has been adopted as a policy in New Zealand. According to the law passed in New Zealand, customs can ask to inspect one’s electronic devices completely, meaning that you will also have to provide them with the means to unlock your device. If anyone refuses to provide full access to their device, customs can confiscate it, go through with forensically and fine the individual $5000.

This law has obviously raised plenty of privacy concerns, people are also concerned about what impact this law will have on their banking. Especially for people who carry cryptocurrency on their devices, this law can easily make it very challenging to go between borders while carrying bitcoin or any other sort of cryptocurrency.

Privacy compromising and invading technologies are becoming more and more common now, just take a look at fingerprint sensors on smartphone devices, various social media apps, and Apple’s advanced facial recognition system that has the ability to precisely map your facial features and store that data. This digital strip search (if it becomes more widely adopted) can easily take privacy invasion to a whole new level, customs can browse through your personal information, even collect it and misuse it, and you will not be able to lift a finger since the law will be on their side.

There has been a rising trend in privacy being sacrificed for security, in fact ever since the widespread availability of technology began, governments have been finding ways of keeping a track on people. Governments that compromise their population’s privacy cannot be taken as democratic bodies since they are robbing their citizens of their freedom, New Zealand’s latest move easily diminishes its status as a democratic country.

Privacy invasion and technology integration seem to have become interrelated now, one cannot maintain their privacy completely if they wish to integrate themselves completely with technology. The worst part is that society has become so dependent on technology that you really cannot survive in it if you keep yourself segregated from technology, smartphones are already a necessity, and now we are beginning to see a growing popularity in “smart home” systems such as Amazon’s Alexa that is more than capable of monitoring you while you are in your home. Should privacy be compromised for the sake of security? Is it right for our governments to take away our freedom? The answer to both of these questions should remain a definitive no.